About the Network

About the Network


Around the world, there are several organisations providing support to journalists at risk, but in the face of the increased legal threats to independent media, more effective coordination is urgently needed.

The Legal Network for Journalists at Risk (LNJAR) strategically coordinates the different types of support currently offered by various organisations with the goal of providing independent journalists and media outlets at risk with a single-entry point into an ecosystem of support. Cases against the media can take a long time to come to an end. Assistance offered through the network ranges from urgent legal representation, to ongoing assistance for the duration of a case, to systemic support to improve the legal environment in which the media operates.

The LNJAR comprises member organisations and a steering committee composed of the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), Media Defence and the Thomson Reuters Foundation. It aims to provide support to individual journalists and media outlets from the beginning to the end of their legal cases. It also produces practical legal tools that can help journalists navigate the ongoing complexities arising from weaponised legal measures introduced against them.




If your organisation would like to become a member of the LNJAR, please contact us at join@medialegalhelp.org