Legal Network for Journalists at Risk

Legal Network for Journalists at Risk


The LNJAR provides journalists and independent media outlets around the world with critical legal support to protect their continued reporting on issues of vital public interest.

Adequate legal support and representation is essential to ensuring that independent journalists and media organisations can cover key public interest stories that spark critical debate and hold power to account without fear of retribution.

The last decade has seen a drastic deterioration of media freedoms. In many countries, laws have been weaponised against independent journalism, leaving thousands of small publishers and journalists vulnerable to legal attacks that aim to censor their reporting, and that can deliver a lethal blow to their financial sustainability.

Whether fighting criminal charges or civil lawsuits, challenging the suspension of blocked social media accounts, or seeking justice for crimes against journalists, high quality legal representation is often the most effective tool to counter these attacks and allow the media to continue their critical work uncensored and unhindered.